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ThinkArts Grant 2022



Monday, February 28, 2022


India (Pan-India)

Opportunity Type:

Project Funding

Artistic or Thematic Focus:

Young Audiences

Artform or Discipline:

Creative Coding & Technology, Dance, Digital / New Media, Film, Literature, Music & Sound, Photography, Theatre


India's first grant exclusively for creating work for children & young people!
The ThinkArts Grant aims to fulfill the following objectives:

Address the gap of original digital content of quality developed specifically for young audiences in India.
Support continued access to art engagements for children in schools and for families.
Support artists and theatre practitioners in India making work for young audiences.
Explore new ways of disseminating arts content to young audiences, in these times.

4 selected applicants will be provided a grant of INR 75000 each to create an original digital piece (min 20 mins duration) for young audiences.

At ThinkArts we, believe that children should have access to positive and high quality cultural experiences, as participants and as audiences, both now and of the future. The arts are essential for children to develop key skills such as empathy, emotional intelligence, adaptability and innovation, and to be able to experience their world in a fuller manner.

In 2020, it was difficult to predict when children would watch live performances or attend arts workshops again. One of the ways to tackle this gap was to disseminate arts content to children via the digital medium, through teachers in schools and for parents to access online.

With the support of Takshila Educational Society, ThinkArts launched the ThinkArts Grant for Artists and Theatre for Young Audiences Practitioners in India to create new digital content for children. In 2021, with the support of contributions from our artist friends across the world, we were able to announce another edition. Some of the pieces created with the support of the ThinkArts Grant have been featured in children's festivals in India and abroad.

Given that this is India's only grant that exclusively supports work created for young audiences, we hope we shall be able to continue this grant in the future too. If you'd like to support us in this initiative, please write to us at

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can apply for the ThinkArts Grant 2022?
1) Theatre practitioners & visual artists based in India, with an experience / interest in creating work for young audiences.
2) Applicants may respond individually or as a group.
3) ThinkArts Grantees from 2021 are not eligible; however grantees from 2020 can apply.

2. Is it possible to apply for this grant without prior experience in working with young audiences?
The grant is open to all artists and practitioners in India who are keen to produce work for young people, regardless of their experience.
The objective is to provide an opportunity for innovative ideas to be explored and developed.

3. Are pieces created with/by or featuring children eligible for the grant?
No. This grant is only for adult professionals creating work FOR young audiences.

4. What language should the piece be made in?
While the application for the grant is in English, the digital piece can be non-verbal, in English or in any Indian language.
The final pieces, irrespective of language should be shared with English subtitles (unless non-verbal).

5. How will the selection be made?
The selection will be made by the team at ThinkArts and their advisors. Shortlisted applicants may be called for an online interview.

6. What are some of the criteria for selection?
The grant aims to support artists in the making of quality, digital content for young people. The final applicants will be selected on the basis of engagement potential, innovation, and accessibility of the proposed final piece, to name a few.

7. What will be the distribution rights of the artists after the piece is created?
ThinkArts will have the right to premiere the piece online. Thereafter, the rights of distribution will rest with the creators. However, the credits must include the support of the ThinkArts Grant 2022.

​8. When do the artists have to submit the final piece?
The grantees will be given a time period of 3 months to complete the piece.​

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Monday, February 28, 2022
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