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India Arts Funding Forum


The India Arts Funding Forum is an open-source community-led forum for Indian artists to discover successful funding proposals, receive feedback on their funding applications, find funding opportunities and contribute towards a transparent arts funding ecosystem in the country.


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The India Arts Funding Forum seeks to address siloed knowledge, opaque networks and scattered information in the arts funding landscape of the country.

With a community-led approach at its heart, it is envisioned as a digital portal accessible on the web and mobile with Indian artists across disciplines, locations and experience levels as its primary audience.


On the forum, artists can:

  • Upload funding proposals

  • Consent to be contacted by other artists for feedback and guidance

  • Receive feedback on draft or unsuccessful funding proposals

  • Explore a real-time list of funding opportunities by theme, discipline and other filters

  • Create and engage in discussion threads about arts funding-related topics

The forum relies on crowd-sourced materials (proposals, opportunities, threads) and peer-led activity (discussions, feedback, submissions) to open up knowledge, networks and information for artists.

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