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Share a proposal

Contribute to a vibrant discussion and knowledge exchange that demystifies arts funding in India by sharing a proposal of your project that has previously been funded.

Unable to fill the form or unsure about what to share?

No worries! Send us an email with your information about your proposal and a shareable link to the file to and we'll list it on your behalf.

Why should I share a proposal?

By sharing a proposal you have created, it allows for other IAFF members to understand the arts funding process better and engage in a discussion that allows for knowledge sharing and collaborative exchange.

What happens with a proposal I share?

Your proposal is listed on the IAFF portal and can be accessed only by other members, who can view it and ask questions and offer feedback.

What all I can share?

You can share grant applications, funding proposals, budget templates, artist bios, concept notes, artist statements, motivation statements and more.

What rights do I have over my proposal?

You own the rights over your proposal. As the IAFF platform evolves, we will allow you to consent for additional rights and permissions on top of your proposals.

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