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International Coproduction Fund



Sunday, November 6, 2022


India (Pan-India)

Opportunity Type:

Project Funding

Artistic or Thematic Focus:

Open / No Specific Focus

Artform or Discipline:

Arts Research, Cross-Disciplinary, Dance, Digital / New Media, Music & Sound, Theatre


Project Funding
The International Coproduction Fund (IKF), established in 2016, funds coproductions worldwide that grow out of collaborative and dialogue-based working processes in the fields of music, dance, theatre and performance art. We use this fund to promote innovative productions and international cultural exchange as well as new approaches to intercultural collaboration and networking.

Whom we fund
professional performing artists, ensembles and initiatives in Germany and non-German-speaking countries in the fields of theatre, dance, music and performance art with insufficient means of their own to realize an international coproduction

In particular, we welcome applications for funding from developing and transition countries.

What we fund
The IKF provides funding for international coproductions that are likely to be of high artistic calibre and to have some impact on the respective arts scene. Hybrid and interdisciplinary formats and the use of digital media may be important elements of these coproductions. Collective artistic development of the project is a prerequisite, which is the reason why we don’t provide funding for projects that involve nothing but guest performances, tours or appearances at festivals.

Funding criteria
The projects for which funding is requested must centre on the performing arts (no exclusively film- or exhibition-based projects).
Calibre of the project
Standing of the participating artists in their performing arts scene
Budget showing own/third-party funding and a sound financial plan
Balanced project partnership, artistic collaboration
At least one performance outside of Germany and, if possible, in Germany, too
Project period should not exceed 24 months.

Required documents
Applications to the International Coproduction Fund must be submitted online in English.

This blank application form provides an overview of the breakdown of the online form:

Blank application form (PDF, 116 kB)
Please read the explanatory notes and run down the checklist before submitting your application.
Application Guidlines (PDF, 128 kB)

Information about the application process
The applicant or first coproducer must be an artist or ensemble from a non-German-speaking country. They are to serve as the main contact for the project, conclude the agreement with the local Goethe-Institut and manage the grant money. The applicant may be an individual or a legal entity (company, association etc.).

IKF funding requires collaboration between at least two parties, one of whom must be an artist or ensemble from Germany. Involving third parties and other coproducers is not a prerequisite for coproduction funding, but does improve your chances of obtaining a grant. We deliberately use "coproducer" in a broad sense: what is decisive is that a coproducer should make a substantial contribution to the production.

For enquiries about pending or previous applications, make sure to give us your application number.

Guideline Project Description (PDF, 90 kB)
Model 1 Finance plan (PDF, 91 kB)
Model 2 Finance plan (PDF, 36 kB)
Template Finance Plan (Excel Download)

Fiche d'information sur le fonds et sur l'application (PDF, 156 kB)
Hoja Informativa sobre el fondo y sobre la aplicación (PDF, 161 kB)
Информационный листок о Фонде и о заявке (PDF, 253 kB)

Please take note of our privacy policy.
The application deadline for the 13th funding round is November 7, 2022, addressing projects starting in 2023. Starting with this round, the IKF will implement a new, two-stage application process:

In the first step, a project pitch of max. 150 words as well as key information on the coproducers and the project budget will be submitted.

For the second, more extensive application step (in the same structure as previous applications), only those projects will be activated that were able to pass the pitch in the first step. In case of a positive feedback, you have another three weeks to submit the complete application.

As in the previous funding round, contacting the local Goethe-Institut is a requirement (mandatory information) for submitting a funding application. Please note that there will only be one funding round in 2023.

The application portal will open on 24 October 2022.

In order to provide detailed information about the new procedure and the criteria, the IKF team will offer four online tutorials for applicants. Furthermore, we are of course always available to answer your questions.

The online tutorials will take place on the following days:
18 October 2022 – 10:00 AM (CEST)
20 October 2022 – 03:00 PM (CEST)
25 October 2022 – 03:00 PM (CEST)
27 October 2022 – 10:00 AM (CEST)
Registrations for a tutorial (please include first and last names, e-mail addresses and, if applicable, organizations of all participants, as well as the preferred d

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Sunday, November 6, 2022
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